Unleash your true business potential

Business consulting made crystal clear

To know your business, you need to truly understand it – inside, out. A common problem though is that many of us try to know everything, when in reality, this is an impractical path to take leading to poor business performance and stifled potential.

ABA Legal Group objectively deconstructs your business to:

  • discover any dormant opportunities that fly.
  • uncover where any issues lie.

Our goal is to clarify, not complicate, your daily business operations by building a customised strategy that delivers what we call, “Asset Maximisation”. Facilitating economies of scale while stimulating business development is clearly mapped out in a step-by-step plan designed to increase profit while achieve your financial vision. It’s a partnership based on mutual trust and respect, with an on-call expert working with you to derive positive results for a prosperous business future.

The experienced ABA Team offers you solid commercial and legal advice (that often go hand-in-hand) to fundamentally transform your business structures and financial goals.

We work with you to:

  • integrate and restructure operations.
  • implement steering diversification.
  • help penetrate new markets.
  • fine-tune finance and taxation structures.
  • procure government grants and incentives.
  • advise on fundraising endeavours.

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Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Set Up

To access the R&D Tax Incentive, many offshore companies establish a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Australia to simplify, what can be, a complicated compliance exercise. With this in mind, using a specialist in this area who understands the process professionally at the domestic level is imperative. ABA Legal Group offers you a comprehensive SPV establishment service across the following critical compliance pathways:

  • SPV company setup.
  • Domiciliation SPV services.
  • Research & Development incentive services.
  • Accounting services and tax compliance.
  • Human resources and immigration / Visa services.
  • Local director services.
  • Corporate secretarial services.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Vendor management.
  • Financial management reporting.

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