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Corporate legal services create a secure future

Business security is not only a critical asset for consistent performance and lifecycle longevity, it also creates peace of mind for you and your team. With all of your legal business needs securely covered, any unforeseen situations that may arise are instantly addressed mitigating risk while alleviating anxiety.

It’s important to note that good legal practice is not only about operating to law and foreseeing any troublesome impacts; by fully understanding your legal parameters you can discover opportunities through a wider peripheral outlook regarding efficient resourcing, finely-tuning performance, product / service capabilities and gross profit margins.

With this in mind, ABA Legal Group is not your traditional, conservative law firm. Specialising in Taxation Services and Corporate and Commercial Law, our registered solicitors hold comprehensive experience across an integrated legal and business consultancy background. Our Legal Team proactively supports your diverse business interests to mitigate risk, explore growth potential and represent you steadfastly should any legal matters arise. Our common goal is to always achieve legal outcomes that justly benefit all parties concerned.

Our trusted advisors go to great depths to understand your business operations and goals with the underlying principle of putting it in a robust legal position. Their consolidated breadth of knowledge, skills and networks allow you to pursue your rightful business potential, full well knowing that ABA has set solid foundations for you to grow safely and sustainably.

Taxation Law

Tax is an unavoidable necessity of business practice and one of the most complex areas in the field of law; international tax, even more challenging. To navigate the intricate pathways of the ever evolving domestic and international taxation law systems, the ABA Tax Team establishes a custom strategy for you that is clear to understand while meeting all of your critical tax obligations. We also analyse how internal business structures can create taxation benefits that offer real returns through diligently derived solutions. Staying updated with precedent policy amendments by the Australian Taxation Office and Treasury is a ongoing practice that keeps our Tax Team at the peak of taxation expertise.

In addition to directly providing private companies with legal taxation advice, accountants also partner with us to provide them with specialised taxation guidance to ensure they’re achieving the best tax outcomes for their valued clients.

We provide professional taxation advice in the following areas:

  • Complex direct and indirect tax – federal, state and international revenue law
  • International taxation arrangements
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • Tax concessions and offsets
  • Transfer pricing and transaction structuring

Corporate and Commercial Law

ABA Legal Group provides comprehensive corporate and commercial legal advice to businesses of all sizes across most industries. Whether you’re a small-scale start up or a large and established industry leader, our experienced Legal Team provides innovative and effective legal solutions to complement your individual business and transaction structures. You can rely on our expertise to to assist your business to comply with all levels of government regulation while helping you understand the associated rules that must be adhered to.¬†We can also stimulate business growth by exploring various fundraising options available to you or investigate the viability of a merger and acquisition strategy.

We provide professional Corporate and Commercial Legal advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate and business structure
  • Business migration
  • Business transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Legal and tax due diligence
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate advisory
  • Regulatory governance and compliance
  • Initial public offerings